What about Prince Charles when the Queen dies? — November 30, 2017

What about Prince Charles when the Queen dies?

The Prince of Wales will automatically become king on the moment of the Queen’s death. He will be permitted to choose his own name. He is currently expected to select the obvious Charles III, although at one point he was believed to be considering taking the name George, reflecting his admiration for others who bore the name and the negative associations of a two previous King Charles.

A meeting of the Accession Council will convene at St James’ Palace to conduct the formalities, and proclamations will be made.

While the Queen lies in London, the new King will visit Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales to meet his people.

Despite much speculation to the contrary, there is no question that the monarchy could “skip a generation” to allow William, the Duke of Cambridge, to become king. As it stands, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, will automatically become Queen.

A Coronation will be scheduled for some months after the funeral.


It & He/She and They — November 24, 2017

It & He/She and They

When explaining the personal pronouns, teachers usually tell students that ‘it’ is used for animals and objects. Such definition is true, though not complete. ‘It’ is used for people as well.

For instance, if a visitor is knocking on your door, you might ask ‘Who is it?’, or, if one is making a phone call they introduce themselves by saying ‘It’s Mark’. As you can see, the pronoun ‘it’ does not define the gender of the speaker/interlocutor.

He/She and They
Because indefinite pronouns such as one, someone, somebody, anyone, anybody, do not define the gender, in order to avoid misunderstanding, we use ‘they’, which stands for both masculine and feminine speakers.

Let’s consider the following sentence:
When someone says that you are smart, they mean that you are intelligent.

In alternative you could also say:
When someone says that you are smart, he/she means that you are intelligent.
This too is correct, a bit longer though.
Remember that the same goes for possessive adjectives: his/her and their:
Someone rang the doorbell twice but immediately afterwards, strangely enough, I saw their car leave hastily.

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English proverbs — November 14, 2017

English proverbs

Here an English proverb. Try to guess its meaning before you read its meaning below:

A black plum is as sweet as a white


Plums come in all sizes and colors. However, they remain plums. What do you think this proverb is trying to teach us? Try to put the jumbled words in their correct sequence:

Yes, well done! You shouldn’t judge someone by their appearance. Rather you should take the time to know that person and see what he’s really inside.

American Hot Dog Styles — November 7, 2017

American Hot Dog Styles

Next time you travel to the United States, make sure to taste an all American favorite, the hot dog.  In addition to mustard, ketchup and/or relish, there are so many other toppings.  For example:

The Tiki dog

hotdog 1

Bacon-wrapped chicken skewers with pineapple and teriyaki sauce . Wrap the hot dog in bacon, then brush it with teriyaki sauce at the end of cooking.  Then place the glistening, glazed frank in a toasted bun, then top with diced grilled pineapple, chopped red onion, and a light drizzle of more teriyaki sauce.

The Nacho Dog

hot dog 2

This is a dog with refried beans, Longhorn cheddar, and pickled jalapeños. A must have if you are ever in Texas.

The Bacon-Jack Dog


Monterey Jack cheese-stuffed hot dog, closed up with a couple strips of bacon. cook the bacon-wrapped hot dog over indirect heat, then crisp it at the end over direct heat. Once nestled into a toasted bun,  finish it with a few slices of avocado and a squeeze of chipotle mayo.

Enjoy it!

English Quotes and Proverbs! — November 2, 2017

English Quotes and Proverbs!

Enjoy some of the most common English quotes and proverbs:

All’s well that ends well
Heart of gold
It’s no use crying over spilt milk
Love is blind
Cold hands, warm heart
All you need is love
Laughter is the best medicine
Knock, knock! Who’s there?
An apple a day keeps the doctor away
Seen better days

Surely, you know them all!
Can you guess which ones are Shakespeare’s quotes?